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Sweet Autumn Treats

A collaboration with Chabashira Tea Roastery & Comvita

Chabashira Tea Roastery is creating the future for tea enthusiast and tea farmers. They uses a uniquely designed type of filter to prepare its several different kinds of single-origin green tea carefully selected by their own farm. Following the trend of hole-in-the-wall coffee stand, Cha-ba-shi-ra places the ancient tradition of Japanese tea ceremony into a modern context, offering a one-of-a-kind experience of tea meets design and taste.

Celebrate the autumn festivities with a specially curated menu featuring Comvita Gourmet Honeys at Chabashira Tea Roastery. With some of the most delicious green teas in the world from their farm in Kyoto, Japan, Chabashira offers a one-of-a-kind exclusive experience in a cozy modern setting.

Hot Yuzu Lemon Lime with Comvita Gourmet Honeys

Experience how each of our different New Zealand gourmet honeys distinctively taste through this expertly crafted, refreshing Yuzu Lemon Lime drink.

The Yuzu Lemon Lime drink is served with 3 of our pure New Zealand Gourmet Honeys for guests to pair and taste! The flavour is tangy, tart and bitter sweet pleasant after a little sweetener with Comvita Gourment Honeys.

Cold Brew Houjicha with Comvita Gourmet Honeys

Lightly roasted Houjicha, infuses perfectly in cold temperatures resulting in a smooth and refreshing beverage. Masterfully cold-brewed premium Houjicha and 3 distinct pure New Zealand Gourmet Honeys, allow you to experience 3 different Japanese-New Zealand creation in one glass.

Houjicha Latte with Coconut Float and Comvita Gourmet Honeys

A match made in gourmet heaven. Flavours of roasted premium Japanese tea, creamy coconut float and New Zealand Gourmet Honeys complement the roasted earthy flavours of Houjicha nicely. It is the perfect cooler for any hot Malaysian weather! 

Houjicha Waffle with Coconut Ice Cream and Comvita Gourmet Honeys

A dessert to keep you coming for more, a special creation for you to celebrate the autumn festivities! 

Pair your warm, crispy and buttery Houjicha Waffle with 3 of our authentic, pure New Zealand Honeys. This dessert is a beautiful combination of earthy and butterscotch finish flavours. Topped with a scope of coconut Ice Cream enhance the creamy texture of the dessert itself.

Let’s experience tea and honey in a new and unique form at Chabashira Tea Roastery. These special menu only available at Chabashira Tea Roastery, what are you waiting for? Head over to the shop to experience today!

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