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Why is Mānuka Honey the REAL Superfood

The healthiest REAL superfood you are not eating enough.

UMF™ 5+ Manuka Honey 500g & 1kg

Immunity Boosting

Boost your daily health nourishment with a great source of antibacterial, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.

One little spoonful goes a long way

Manuka Honey’s nutrients can strengthen the gut, support immunity and contain over 30x more natural compounds than normal honey for your general well being!

Flavour profile

Aromas of maple, raisin and burnt sugar

Manuka Blend 500g

Healthier Sugar Replacement

The everyday Manuka to activate your healthy lifestyle with multivitamins, prebiotics and contains low GI.

Most Versatile Manuka Honey

Comvita’s most affordable and best quality multiflora Manuka Honey. A nutrient packed snack for daily consumption.

Flavour profile

Caramelised aromas of toffee and brown sugar

The REAL Superfood Bundle

Comvita Collective Members love it!

We love the taste especially when it is mixed with fruit and vegetable juice. My kids love it so much!


I used manuka honey to make banana bread, very simple. I spread the honey onto a slice of bread, sliced banana on top and some nuts. Perfect for breakfast!


The taste of this Manuka Honey was not sweet, perfect for adding to tea and oatmeal. The health benefits for adding just a small amount to your daily diet are worth every penny!


Bought UMF 5+ for mixing with smoothies and salad sometimes for coffee. The taste is good and most important is that this one has no sugar added. It’s real honey. Instead of adding sugar into foods or drinks, I prefer honey which also brings good health to my family.

-Jason Cheng-

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