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3 Step Manuka Meditation For Mindful Mornings

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How do mindful practices help us in our daily lives, and what does this have to do with UMF® Manuka Honey? Mindfulness focuses on being present in the moment, with full awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and bodies – and they can help us find peace and happiness in any moment.

Your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. So before you start your busy agenda, create a mindful morning ritual, with the unique beneficial properties of Manuka Honey, in 3 easy steps:


When your alarm goes off, don’t be so quick to hit that snooze button. Take a moment to let your body adjust. Open up the blinds in your room and let the morning light wake your body naturally. And definitely don’t reach for that cell phone.


Close your eyes and draw your mind to the breath as you take a big inhale, filling the belly, ribs, and chest. Pause at the very top of the inhale and count to three.

Exhale slowly, imagining the breath leaving first the chest, then ribs, and finally squeezing all the air out of the belly. Pause at the bottom of the exhale and count to three.

Repeat this breathing for 5-10 breaths. Imagining with every inhale whatever is holding you back or causing you stress and let it wash away and released with each exhale.


Next grab a spoon and your Manuka Honey and sit down somewhere that feels comfortable. It could be at your kitchen table or in front of the window – wherever feels good to you. This is where you will set the tone for the day.

Either out loud or to yourself, say something you are grateful for. Eyes that see. A roof over your head. A meaningful relationship. A job that provides. Legs that walk. Lungs that breathe. There is always something to be grateful for.

Now set an intention. Setting an intention can sound intimidating but it’s really about finding what you want to welcome more of in your life. Here’s a list of intentions we like to get you thinking about what you want to cultivate in your life:

  1. I intend to practice patience
  2. I intend to forgive others, and myself
  3. I intend to think before I speak
  4. I intend to not take things so personally
  5. I intend to make someone smile today

While you are thinking about these things, place a spoonful of Manuka Honey (any UMF®) into your mouth. Lightly close your eyes. Focus your attention inwards and let the honey, and the practice, dissolve in your mouth. Imagine them flowing throughout your body and out into the world. Stay there until the honey has fully dissolved from the spoon.


Take time for this practice each day, and take note on how you begin to feel. Once you master this daily exercise, mindfulness can be brought into all your daily activities, including taking a shower, brushing your teeth, and eating your breakfast. More positive, less negative, and a daily dose of real Manuka Honey.


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