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Comvita Journey of Health & Taste event.


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Mixed Reality Honey Tasting Experience by Microsoft HoloLens 2

We are super excited to collaborate with Microsoft to create an immersive multi-sensory experience powered by Microsoft’s HoloLens technology. Come and experience the unique benefits of Manuka honey and connect with the magic of the hive at Aotearoa Manuka forests, New Zealand.

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Indulge healthy and tasty desserts made with authentic UMF™ Manuka Honey from the pristine Manuka forest of New Zealand.

Manuka Honey Cake
Manuka Honey Swiss Roll
IDC x Comvita Manuka Honey Yogurt Granola Ice Cream
IDC x Comvita Manuka Honey Chocolate Flakes Ice Cream
IDC x Comvita Manuka Honey Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar Ice Cream

Consult our Manuka Honey Advisors

Connect with our professional Manuka Honey advisor to discover the health benefits of Manuka Honey you might not know.

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Stand a chance to win exciting prizes throughout the event.

Comvita is organising this colouring contest to give an opportunity for children of the future generation to become more aware of the importance of sustainability through colouring picture under the theme of Taking Care of Our Environment.

A 1-hour terrarium workshop with Comvita hosted by RAPSCAPE. Learn how to build your own terrarium, including the planting process and tips on care and maintenance.

This workshop is organized by Comvita to help increase the awareness of the importance of taking care of mother earth and how you can also play a vital role in preserving our environment.

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Pavilion Bukit Jalil, Centre Atrium

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